Baby Reflex

What is Baby Reflex?

Baby Reflex is a series of specially adapted Reflexology Techniques originally developed for increasing that all important Bonding between parents and babies.  Further development of the techniques has enabled parents to also help to ease and relieve many normal baby discomforts in their own child.  Baby Reflex has proved to be very popular with both parents and young children and is safe to use with babies aged 4 weeks and onward.

How did Baby Reflex begin?

The founder, Jenny Lee, who is both a Chartered Physiotherapist and Reflexologist carried out research studies, designed to examine the effects of Reflexology on Childhood Asthma. 


The results of those studies revealed numerous benefits for example:

- reduced asthma

- better sleeping patterns

- greater ability to relax

- a much "improved quality of life"

- most important, an enjoyment by those children of the actual treatment


After the research was completed many mothers, who had seen the effect of Reflexology, asked for more information on children's reflexology.  Jenny decided to introduce this new and exciting concept as an easily learned and effective therapy called "Baby Reflex".

What are the benefits of Baby Reflex?

- it aids the well-being of babies

- there's an increase in bonding between parent & child, which have been proven to be essential in child development

- it soothes many common ailments and discomforts

- it aids babies sleep

- and it can provide some calm in what can be quite a disturb time in a parents life

Baby Reflex is effective in aiding with:

- colic

- reflux

- wind

- constipation

- calming

- sleep

- teething issues

- ear congestion

- boosting immune system

- bonding with your baby

How are these Baby Reflex techniques taught?

The course consists of a session once a week for 3 weeks (one and a half hours)


The course is as follows:

Week 1 - Feeding & Digestion

Week 2 - Sleeping & Comforting

Week 3 - Wellbeing

Week 4 (optional) - Refresher of all 3 sections


Techniques are taught in a group session or private.

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