"Good nutrition is the foundation of good health" 

Phyllis A. Balch

Healthy diets are important for normal growth and development in adults and children.  Diets contain protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. Our nutritional habits and the way we eat, influences our health even more than our food choices do.  Developing good dietary habits should begin as early as possible because they can either hinder or help us. 


So, the big question is, how, when and in which quantities should we be eating of these things?  There are basic ways of educating an individual on what comprises a healthy diet. As a nutritional advisor I will use many tools to guide you. Knowledge of how to obtain information about my clients general health and daily diet is first and foremost, followed by tools such as education, menu planning, troubleshooting and managing eating difficulties in order to ensure that my clients are getting the proper nutrition in the right way.

Sometimes we are too busy to look after ourselves, we struggle with bad habits and patterns, we get tired of plans that don't work in the long term and we are sick of feeling like a failure with food.  A great tool that I use is the "21 day break the bad habit".  In that time we will explore your daily eating and lifestyle behaviors. I'll help you identify things from a different angle and make you aware of the habits that is making a negative impact on your health. 

Remember, you are unique.  Your genes and needs are completely unique. 

Together we can work out how to achieve it.

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