Reflexology is a scientific practice and therapeutic art using microcosms (meaning the same, but miniature)

of the body as an avenue to promote stress relief.  It's a treatment that deals with the certainty that there

are reflexes on the feet, hands and face that are connected to all glands, organs and areas on the body.

 It is the art of fine-tuning every part of the body in order to attain a state of equilibrium.

 The body has a unique ability to heal and seek balance.  Natural balance can't be forced because

it has its own temperamental formula and no person is the same.


Benefits of Foot, Hand & Face Reflexology

Relieves congestion

Aids circulation and nerve supply

Relaxes muscles

Calms over-activity in any part of your body and stimulates under-activity

Relieves stress

Helps to ease pain and tension

Encourages restful sleep

Boosts energy levels

Gives complexion a younger, radiant glow

Face appears to be tighter, smoother and plumper

It improves cooperation and coordination between the different systems