What can I expect?

After treatment, certain side effects might be experienced.  Please note that these side effects normally don't last for more than 24hrs.  It's very common for your body to experience an elimination of toxins or a healing period.

Side Effects

Flu like symptoms - runny nose or coughed up mucus (clearing of passages)

Fatigue - yawning or falling asleep during treatment.  Tiredness afterwards

Headache during or after treatment (clearing of toxins)

Emotional reactions - laughing or feeling sad (be gentle with yourself)

Sensitive feet - tenderness, tingling or pins-and-needles sensation (this is temporary during or following a treatment)

Reflexes that have been worked may become painful.  This does not mean the condition is getting worse, they are actually getting better.  The feet act as self-tuners for the rest of the body.

Uncommon Side Effects


Sweating (excessive)

Extreme thirst

Skin rash

* It is advised to drink lots of water afterwards to help the body clear of all toxins